Less Angry

the game was a hit. my FIL is a genius. he is a retired electrician and i kiss the ground for his talents. he built the slingshot with boards we had in the garage. somehow he drove it into the ground so it could be easy for kids to use with one adult. now we have it forever as a backyard game. one girl said, “this is the best birthday party ever!” mission accomplished. 

i used Spellman’s idea of waterballoon slingshot and thanks to end of season sales found a buy one get one FREE for 11bucks online from SillyTown.

my MIL made these silly, little angry bird goodie bag fillers (leftover yarn i had from CD’s Tangled party book mark favors). she also made the pig balloons. we put dried black beans inside and they stayed on their perches until knocked off. 

Mad Science (Groupon) was awesome. they made planes, ‘helicopters’ and swirling fish with the kids and gave them a glider as a parting gift. and unlike the magician i got for CD’s party, they didn’t smell like monkeys. 

all the moms who came had wine. a personal victory for me because that meant they were relaxed. 

but all my running around and thrifting over the past month paid off; i saved a shitload of money. 

all the help i had from my MIL and FIL meant i actually enjoyed this birthday.

i feel very lucky. very blessed. 

even though Hubby launched a shot that hit the birthday girl in the face. 

Raise your hand if you think The Sahmmy is the coolest woman on the planet. If I didn’t love her so much, I’d kind of hate her for this.